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We actively invest for the long term to help our clients, the communities of the world, and our planet to prosper


The future needs better than business as usual

Our range of investment strategies aim to meet the financial challenges we face today and the environmental and social landscapes of the future. We actively look for opportunities that will provide long-term investment growth whilst seeking to minimise volatility.

We have a variety of funds to target specific, financial goals for private investors. While Institutional clients can benefit from bespoke consultancy and strategies tailored to their needs.


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Corporate news

AXA Investment Managers launches an ETF platform with a focus on Active Management and Responsible Investment

  • by Hélène Caillet, Ellis Ford, and others
  • 06 September 2022
Corporate news

AXA IM launches Investment Institute, with Chris Iggo appointed as Chair

  • by Hélène Caillet, Jamie Wynn-William, and others
  • 08 June 2022
Corporate news

65% of AXA IM’s total assets are managed to be in line with Net Zero

  • by Hélène Caillet, Jamie Wynn-William, and others
  • 19 May 2022
Investment Institute

Our experts and investment teams outline their key convictions

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